beautiful vulnerable unreliable unreachable broken

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jay and the coffee'nin güzel bir şarkısı.

this is my new testament
my blood will be shed until the end
too much suffer has been spent
too keep you as a friend

so why are you still in my way
don't you see i'm still okay
i remember things like yesterday
but i rather wouldn't stay

but i can see now
that i loved you somehow
you mean so much to me
but i know i can't be free
without you i am lost
i keep you at any cost
and i know i won't get through
if i remain here with you

but i just don't want you
to criticize my feelings
i am lonely so lonely
i know i'm going down for you
i have to start over
farewell to you and all the things
i like you a lot
but i'll have to say goodbye to you my love

everything will disappear
might take a day, might take a year
i just need to control my fear
and see everything clear

i'm tired of your romance
i know i just don't understand
going back to a foreign land
too keep you at the end